Christmas Tree Ornaments

Decorating for Christmas is wonderful fun and U particularly enjoy hand crafted items. Today I’m going to show you some of Christmas Tree Ornaments that I’ve embroidered—think “outside the box” for other uses such as ornaments for a package.

We sell these ornaments for $8 each plus postage and handling.

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Cosmetic (or Gadget) Zipper Bags


I just love bags with zippers for all kinds of things. The bags are particularly handy for travel and keeping things in their place. These bags were designed as cosmetic bags, but since I have never used cosmetics, I use the bags for keeping my small digital cameras in a safe, clean space, complete with computer cable, spare battery and SD cards, as well as the battery charger. The only limit to the bags usefulness is your imagination.

I like to have a zipper pull for easier zipping, so in these cases I added little metal charms to the bags.

These bags are approximately 9″ wide, 5-1/2″ tall, and 4″ deep at the base.

For questions or additional details please contact us.

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Mug Rugs

During the last couple of years, I’ve grown very found of “mug rugs,” that are generally about 8 1/2″ wide and 6 1/2″ tall. They are just right for a mug and a morsel.

Mug rugs can be quilted, embroidered, or appliquéd depending on the mood, season, and fabric at hand.

The mug rugs make perfect gifts in all seasons. I like to package four together for a hostess gift or small thank you.

For questions or additional details please contact us.

© Linda Geiger

Embroidered Zipper Pouch

These cute little zipper pouches (measuring 6 1/2 inches long and 4 1/2 inches high) have a multitude of uses including:

  • Vessel for flash and/or thumb drive; SD cards, etc.
  • Vessel for small cosmetics to carry in a larger purse
  • Vessel for small digital cameras and their battery chargers
  • Change and green money purse

To name only a few.

Each of the pouches are made from coordinating cotton fabrics for the exterior and lining. The strip embroidered with the single flower and leaves provides a little something extra for the pouch.